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The most often asked question on this topic is: Why would a child accuse a parent of sexual abuse when it NEVER even happened?

ANSWER: "Because an allegation of sexual abuse against a parent, step-parent or other adult caretaker makes it almost a sure thing that the accusing parent will get sole custody while the accused parent will be prevented from having access to the child."

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Let's Start With Some Background Information

Recent U.S. and Canadian census data estimate that approximately 50% of marriages will end in divorce. Of those, approximately 95% of divorces will be resolved either by agreement, through negotiations or with limited court intervention. However, the remaining five percent (5%) of contested divorces, will involve considerable litigation due to the level of acrimony, conflict and dysfunction between the parties involved.

Contested divorce cases involving children represent the most difficult, protracted and costly cases to resolve because the children are more than just the focal points in their parents' dispute. Instead, they become the bargaining chips in resolving their parents' dispute over assets, property, support or if nothing else, power and control. It is among these very challenging custody cases that varying degrees of the parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is often evident. In fact, a deliberate false allegation of sexual abuse made by a child of a parent is a common and very serious manifestation of the PAS. In most of these cases, the child is coached or guided in making the allegation by the other parent.

Here are Some Things You Need to Know About When You've Been Accused of Sexual Abuse

Telling the truth is simply NOT enough. There are two main reasons for this: 1)There is a common misperception held among some of those involved in protecting children's interests that children do not lie - especially about something as serious as sexual abuse. And, 2) when it comes to children's safety, the courts will always err on the side of caution. This being the case, it becomes more clear why telling the truth is simply not enough.

ince telling the truth is not enough, the accused and their attorney are faced with the following challenges: 1) proving that the allegations are false, 2) presenting a reasonable explanation for why the false allegations were made, and 3) demonstrating how the false allegations came to be. Meeting these challenges can be difficult for most - but certainly not impossible. What is required is the ability to piece the information together and to present it at trial in a way that is both understandable and convincing. This takes a skilled attorney who will build and present the case and an equally skilled consultant who will review, analyse and compile evidentiary material.

False allegations of sexual abuse are very serious. If they are not dealt with appropriately, these allegations could result in a permanent loss of access to one's children or worse yet, it could result in a prison term. Having the best resources are essential when someone is faced with false allegations of sexual abuse.

Were You Aware?

    • Most fathers who are falsely accused of sexual abuse believe that "telling the truth" is all that is needed to straighten things out. To find out why this could cause more harm than good - CLICK HERE

    • There is a particular profile for fathers who are accused of sexually abusing their children just as there is a profile for the mothers who are behind the allegation. To find out what these profiles are - CLICK HERE

  • Mothers are also at risk of losing custody due to false allegations of sexual abuse.To find out why - CLICK HERE


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