Although there are no two cases that are alike, when it comes to false allegations of sexual abuse, there are certain telltale signs that cluster together. Knowing these signs and being able to identify the important behavioral "flags" are essential in developing an investigative and strategic plan that is needed to effectively deal with being falsely accused of sexually abusing a child. Although fathers or mothers' boyfriends are targetted most often, other family members such as grandfathers and mothers are also false accused of sexual abuse as well.

Before providing the profiles for parents who make false allegations of sexual abuse and others who are falsely accused, it is important to understand the following:

False allegations of sexual abuse against a parent
generally DO NOT occur by accident.

Usually, there are situational and individual factors
that set the stage for the false allegations to be made.

The dynamics of the relationship between the parents provide a breeding ground for false allegations of sexual abuse to occur. Generally speaking, there is conflict in the relationship as well as an underlying imbalance between the partners. Typically, one partner attempts to sustain the relationship at all costs, while the other partner exhibits assumes no responsibility at all for the relationship or the problems that may be present. Although most involving false allegations of sexual abuse, generally involve fathers as the accused and mothers as the accusers, there are still some cases that involve mothers falsely accused of sexual abuse. The following chart breaks down the most common identifying charactertics as those belonging to the "accused" and the "accuser" rather than "mothers" or "fathers":

Characteristics of Those Who Accuse and Those Who Are Targetted

overbearing conciliatory
demanding naive
manipulative compromising
self righteous commited to the relationship & family
self centered focused on the family (especially the children)
insensitive caring
fails to assume any responsibility for family problems assumes all responsibility for family problems
lacks insight concerning role in family problems is in denial of the depth of the family problems

What Doesn't Work

The bottom line is that parents who are falsely accused of sexual abuse rarely see it coming since they are so focused on making things work in their relationship and assuming responsibility for the problems that exist. These parents generally subcribe to the notion, "if I could only make him/her happy, all will be well". Unfortunately, this is next to impossible given the characteristics of the "accusing" parent.

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